Object Rocket

Focus on building badass applications. We’ve got your databases covered.

ObjectRocket Web Design

Database hosting and management expertise without adding headcount.

We focus on providing the best open source database solutions and unparalleled customer service. That way you can forget about the backend data and concentrate on developing compelling products to win in your market.

Managed MongoDB®

Speedy, secure, and highly available instances for any size workload wherever your data lives.
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Managed Redis®

Highly available, scalable, and performant hosted Redis instances in the cloud.
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Managed Elasticsearch®

Super fast full text search and easy-to-use data visualization that can scale to TBs and beyond.
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Database Migration

We make it easy to migrate to the ObjectRocket platform by working with you one-on-one.
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We help businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Our passion and database expertise build systems that power some of the busiest websites and applications on the planet. Customers choose ObjectRocket because we know how to architect and optimize the exact solution they’re looking for and we back it with 24x7x365 support.

ObjectRocket mission and vision.

ObjectRocket’s technology and expertise helps businesses build better apps, faster so developers can concentrate on creating applications and features without having to worry about managing databases.


Create an impact.